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Sunday, January 4, 2009

(Impatient) Youth S/T Ep

Here is (Imaptient) Youth's self titled Ep. They're from Vallejo, California which is about 40 minutes east of San Francisco. Another one of the bands that got a start at The Mabuhay Gardens. They started in around 1978 and released 3 eps and a compilation album. Most recently or actually in the '90's they had moved to LA and started the band again. They played Gilman St. in Berkeley a few times and released a pretty good Ep entitled All For Fun. Worth tracking down if you can find it. This band was more like The Dils with a nice Americana kind of sound. Damn fine band here. Actually one of my alltime faves from The SF Bay Area.


  1. Cheers Topper. I might post a few more of their eps in the near future

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