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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Request To Angry!

I used to own The Asexuals "Dish" album back in the day. One day I sold the damn thing. I just was doing some work on my Asexuals catalogue and I saw the cover of the Dish album and allot of memories of that came flooding back. I need to hear this again. Sooooooo Angry???? Oh and some Vacant Lot too.
Oh and for all those that have left comments and words of encouragement, and help (Longy) thanks! We finally have this down and running. Obviously I cannot keep pulling out obscure San Francisco '77 era punk so I might stretch things to include 80's hardcore more as well as my first love, UK '77 era punk, and maybe some prime cuts from UK 82 stuff. Unlike Nation On Fire, I don't thieve. This will come out of my collection.



  1. The best thing about having your own blog is you can post whatever you want Ken. I'm getting bored posting the same old stuff so expect a few changes on mine.

    I still think you could do with whoring yourself out a bit more mate. If you see the wigjet at the bottom of my blog, you'll notice the majority of visitors I get come from other blogs (alot come over here too) That wigjet is worth getting because it gives you a good idea where the vistors are coming from and what they are taking. Some Italian k**t downloaded over 60 files yesterday and left no comment. I get alot of that and its a bit disheartening when they can't be arsed to write a sentence. Basically, the more bloglists to your right, the better and obviously the more lists your on,the better still.

    Oh and your mate Angry could acknowledge someone taking the time to thank him as well (the miserable old Canadian lol) I stuck a tune up for him on mine a couple of days ago as well the grumpy sod aint seen it yet : - )

  2. Sorry Longy. Didn't notice it. I'll try not to be so miserable :)


  3. Good for you Angry! I'm getting confused with you and Ken having the same nick on here as well!