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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Mutants New Dark Ages 7"

Never got to see The Mutants back in the hey day of 1977-1979. They were arty types from San Francisco that shared bills with The DKs, Negative Trend, Offs, Dils, etc. Their album Terminal Funzone was extremely hard to find. Well I did get a chance to see them a few years ago at a Mabuhay Gardens reunion show that also had Flipper, The Avengers and DKs. The funny thing about that show is my wife, buddy of mine and myself went the week earlier to see them and it was the wrong show. After much huffing and puffing on my part they let us in and lo and behold there is a reggae band playing. Hmmmm. Well we came back the following week and saw the real deal. Oh and The Mutants...they were awesome. Think a more punked up B-52's. Fronted by three singers (one guy and two girls) and with two guitars, bass and drums there definately alot going on. But it works. Just check this out.


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  2. Hey, could you please re-up this? The link is dead. Been wanting to hear this record for a long time!