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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Green Day Sweet Children Ep

Hi there folks. I have not been around lately due to work and a small vacation. I will make NO bones about it, I love Green Day! Maybe a tad too much at times. You see, I was part of the whole 924 Gilman St. thing back in the late 80's-the late '90's. I played there quite often in the bands I played in and I also saw some pretty damn cool bands. Heck, one of my bands spun off and had Lars joining Rancid after a show we did with them. Anyways, Green Day were awesome when they played in smaller clubs before they hit the big time. Here is there Sweet Children Ep from 1990. You see, Green Day were originally called Sweet Children, just check out the MRR comp. Turn It Around. There they appear as Sweet Children. This Ep is pretty had to find because it was not put out on Lookout but if I remember correctly it was a label either from Minnesota or Wisconsin. Well here it is.


  1. This is REALLY interesting... But why are the four tracks numbered 13-16?

  2. Probably because he also had the dreaded Itunes. Cheers for this Ken,I'll give it a listen. I always did like the first 3 albums of Green Day but I gave them up after that.

  3. Yep iTunes does a wonderful job of numbering tracks