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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Drunk Injuns Frontside Grind Lp

Ok I promised some stuff from when I was younger and here is one. The Drunk Injuns were the alter ego of Los Olivdados. Both bands featured the same lineups but with different singers. Now for the confusing part. Mofo sung for the original Los Olvidados but was told by Thrasher Magazine that he could not work for them and be in a band at the same time. So the boys got a new singer for Los Olvidados and started The Drunk Injuns. The Drunk Injuns had to conceal their identities so they wore masks that looked like they came from Indian burial sites. Both bands are very similar in sound only that Mofo is a strange combo of Ian Curtis and Dave Vanian in terms of singing. This album was released in 1987 and I am not sure if it is a compilation album or re-recorded songs with a few new ones. Must ask Ray (the bassist in Los Olividados, Drunk Injuns, The Faction, and others) this the next time I see him. Mike Fox who is the guitar player played in The Dwarves for a few years in the '90's and also did around 6 shows as a fill in guitarest for The Forgotten when Craig left. San Jose homeboys and some of the best punk rock to come out of San Jose ever. Oh and Los Olvidados is spanish for The Forgotten. More useless facts to bore you with.
This has been re-upped with a better rip and the second to last track now does not skip


  1. Cheers Ken. I like the sound of these.

  2. Longy I just noticed that the second to the last track skips. I have a better rip that I am going to replace this with. I think I might post Los Olividados today to compliment this.