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Friday, January 30, 2009

Dead Fingers Talk Storm The Reality Studios

Alright, here it is, and it's called...Dead Fingers Talk! Ummm I really don't know too much about them. I do that they are hard to find on the net. I think I remember seeing them in the movie Punk In London where they were in a transit van moving down to the Big Smoke. This was released in 1978 and I don't think it was to alot of fanfare. My cd has their singles on here and to be honest I like those better. This is for those that dig The Radio Stars (Longy??) or maybe they sound like The Only Ones to a degree, though I like The Only Ones much better. Anyways, don't let my opinions sway you one way or the other. Find out for yourselves. This was also posted on iskp, but since it is sooo hard to find, I thought that I would post it too.


  1. I found this about a month ago over here Ken

    Nice blog it is too. Your blogs coming on well mate. Nice work from yourself and Angry. Keep it up mate.

  2. Just wanted to say you have an awesome blog here - I am subscribed and just checking stuff out. Big-time punk fan since the day but you are posting some stuff that makes me feel like a fool (especially the canadian stuff)... As for Dead Fingers Talk - the album was always in record racks in the day but I never knew anyone who chanced their arm on it. Worth investigating though. Seem to recall one member sported one of the few beards in punk rock (Jet Black of the Stranglers being another). Things have changed... But I can barely think of a single beardsman - in the words of the Postmen (that would be Stinky Turner & friends, to latecomers) who can be said to be genuinely punk rock. So maybe the unwritten rule still stands. I've probably forgotten one or two, but exceptions allowed are: Shane MacGowan (all periods) on a week-long bender, & late 80's GG Allin (regardless of what some may think of his music, he was genuinely 'punk' up to then, and for a while after - before becoming utterly contrived at the tail-end of his career) - '92-3). How did i get onto that on a Dead Fingers Talk post? Any chance of the Basic Math 7" e.p. or Love Canal "it's a dog's life so blow it out your ass" LP? Cheers from London!

  3. Thanks for thte compliments guys. I just noticed this. I too am looking for that Love Canal Ep. As soon as I find it I will post it!!